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We are here to answer any questions you might have about buying Phentermine online without prescription. Before you go to our purchasing page, please learn about what is Phentermine and see if this is something you are really looking for.

What is Phentermine?

It is prescription only diet pill for weight loss that's given only to patience with mild to severe obesity. Even today this is one of the most effective ways for people with bad eating habits to lose weight. It is an amphetamine and considered as Schedule IV anorectic drug.

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Phentermine History

This drug was first discovered around late 1950's. FDA approved Phentermine as an appetite suppressant around 1970 and company by the name King Pharmaceuticals began sale of it under the name Fastin. Later, around late 90s, product by the name Fen-Phen came out on the market which included Fenfulramine. After a short while, many people started developing irreversibly health complications and drug Fen-Phen was taken out of the market by early 2000's. Later Phentermine was researched by many drug companies and around 2012, new name came out on the market - Qsymia.

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How can I buy Phentermine Online Without Prescription

Around mid 2000's there was a chaos in prescription drugs industry online and many companies began illegal sale of prescription drugs online. Anyone was able to get any type of drugs without prescription on the web. Sure it ended quick. Now days it is not possible. Some web sites claim to sell you generic or some kind of knock off form of Phentermine that will be either placebo or something completely different and not effective. You can probably be able to buy Phentermine Online without prescription, but you have to be very careful where you purchasing from. Many scam sites trying to steal your identity by posing as legit site. There also many extortion scams, where after the purchase, you get phone call supposedly from DEA agent asking for money via Western Union to be sent to their field office in Dominican Republic or some other country. Bottom line - never trust unknown company that claims to sell you something illegal!

Phentermine comes in 2 forms - white tablet with blue specks or blue and clear capsule with small specks inside

What are the Phentermine side effects?

Don't want to scare you, but you have to understand that you are taking risks while you are on this drug. This is a very effective and prescription only amphetamine like medicine. Don't fool yourself thinking that it is some kind of "magic pill" that will be your shortcut to losing weight. Even with prescription and good health, doctors will never prescribe it to you longer than 8 months during your lifespan. After 8 months use, even if you take it for 1 month and take a break and several years later take it for 7 months. You will never be able to get another prescription. Heart complications will develop if used longer. There number of side effects that you may experience while using this drug and it is better to consult your doctor if you feel anything unexpected.

PhenObestin 37.5 Extra Strength

We do not sell phentermine illegally without prescription. Our goal is to show you all the positives and negatives about Phentermine and see if we can convince you to try our non prescription Phentermine alternative - PhenObestin 37.5 Extra Strength. We developed this product using non prescription, pharmaceutical grade ingredients. This product is legal to sell in all 50 states, over the counter without prescription, yet it is not some kind of cheap, herbal diet pill. PhenObestin Extra Strength offers similar mechanism of action as Phentermine and looks exactly the same - white tablet with blue specks. When people take PhenObestin Extra Strength, about 30 minutes later, they feel appetite suppression starting to take effect. Hunger simply goes away no matter how hungry they are. At the same time, feeling of energy starts to reach levels that people never felt before. To the point where sitting around and doing nothing is not an option. Overall PhenObesitn is often compared to Phentermine and people who are having troubles with prescription drugs simply switch to PhenObesitn ES. Te best part about taking PhenObestin is there no need to go to the doctor and beg for a prescription. You can just buy it and start using it. There no side effects like taking prescription drugs. PhenObestin is been used in many countries since 2010 and no matter where you are, Australia, UK, USA or Canada - we can legally mail it to you without any restrictions. Buying from our online shop is simple - all you have to do is place as many bottles as you wish in your shopping cart and we will mail it to you same day. You will get tracking number and you will be able to see where your package is up to the minute it arrives at your doorstep. We use discrete packaging and our shopping is secure. Your information will be secure and never shared with anyone else. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction, privacy and we wish you the best weight loss journey and hoping for a very positive feedback.

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