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Adipex is a registered trademark of Teva Pharmaceuticals that the company uses to market Phentermine that is manufactured and sold in the United States. Phentermine is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for short-term use as part of a weight loss plan, although the drug can only be used for a maximum of twelve weeks. This drug is a schedule IV controlled substance meaning that it is only available with a prescription from a doctor, and it is illegal to attempt to buy Adipex on the internet from any site that claims not to require a prescription.

Phentermine is a drug that is off patent because it has been available for several decades, meaning that any pharmaceutical company call sell its own brand of the drug, brand names such as Adipex are used to distinguish the different generic forms of Phentermine from one another. Teva manufactures Adipex as a time-released version of Phentermine and Adipex-p as an instant release version of the same medication. There are also other brand names that are used to market Phentermine including Fastin and Ionamin, as well as a combination drug Qsymia that is also available that contains Phentermine and Topiramate.


All forms of Phentermine – including Adipex – are chemically identical in terms of the active ingredient. This means that they all carry similar cautions and side effects, with the only distinction between brands found in the speed of absorption. Medication that is available in a resin form will be absorbed much more slowly than will Phentermine HCL.


It is important to remember that Adipex is not to be considered a standalone weight loss solution. This is true for two reasons. First, it is only approved by the FDA for use for periods of no longer than twelve weeks, and it has been known to have a low tolerance threshold. This means that any attempts to take this medication for a longer period than twelve weeks will simply increase your tolerance and will have little effect in terms of your weight loss.


Phentermine and prescription laws

Adipex and all other forms of Phentermine are a controlled substance in the United States that is listed under Schedule IV of the controlled substances act. Virtually all other countries that allow phentermine also have it subjected to similar restrictions under their drug laws. In addition, obtaining an Adipex prescription is different from obtaining a prescription for most other medications because doctors are reluctant to write prescriptions for this medication without a thorough consultation given the risk of side effects involved. These side effects can include potentially serious cardiovascular and respiratory problems, in addition to more moderate side effects like insomnia, dry mouth, and problems with anger. Most physicians will require a thorough examination of both your medical history and your current condition before issuing a prescription.


Prescriptions are hard to obtain, but this has not stopped many unscrupulous web site operators from claiming that they have the ability to sell you Adipex online with no prescription required. Attempting to order from one of these sites is both illegal and extremely dangerous, because there is no guarantee that what you are purchasing is actually going to be Adipex. You may receive counterfeit medication, or medication that has been adulterated with other substances in a similar manner to illegal street drugs so that these sites can maximize their earnings from illegal drug sales. The pills that you receive may contain substances that are substantially more dangerous than Phentermine such as fenfluramine or even potentially diluted street drugs. In addition, if you order this drug online you are breaking both federal and state drug laws. When you think about it, ordering this or any other controlled substance online is just too big a risk to take with either your freedom or your health.


A Prescription-free Alternative

Fortunately, there are alternative products available that are intended to achieve similar results without the side effects of prescription medications of this type. PhenObestin 37.5 is a supplement from PharmaCo Labs LLC that contains a proprietary blend of ingredients that are intended to work in combination to assist you in overcoming your challenges with weight loss and fitness. Its patented blend of ingredients include Phenylethylamine, Yohimbine, and several other important compounds. Try it today and learn why over 100,000 people have come to rely on PhenObestin 37.5 as they work to move along the crucial journey to better health.

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