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Q Can I buy Phentermine Online? Where?

A For those who are absolutely desperate for a way to lose weight, considering phentermine is natural. It's one of the most powerful and effective weight loss drugs available. However, phentermine is only available with a prescription. Nonetheless, in this digital age, some still look to buy phentermine online, even without a prescription.

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The problem with this is that doing so is illegal. However, that is not the only or even the most important reason that you shouldn't buy phentermine online. Phentermine is only intended for those with a prescription, and there are very good reasons for that.

Why is Buying Phentermine Without a Prescription Illegal?

Some drugs available only with a prescription in the United States are not necessary "illegal" to buy without a prescription. For example, certain very safe antibiotics may be purchased for one’s pets, even though they’re also used for people, over the counter. In that case, prescriptions are used so that people understand that they should not be taking antibiotics for every illness.

Phentermine, however, is illegal to purchase without a prescription. If you buy phentermine online without a prescription, you’re very likely breaking the law. That’s because phentermine is a Schedule IV drug. That means it has the potential for abuse and addiction, just as do drugs which are completely illegal. However, because it has a medicinal purpose, it is legal for a doctor to prescribe. Phentermine can also cause serious health problems, which contribute to its being illegal to buy without a prescription.

What are the Dangers of Buying Phentermine Online from Other Countries?

There are two serious dangers involved in buying phentermine online from other countries. First, pharmacies in other countries do not at all care if you break the laws in your country by buying from them. No matter what happens, they won’t be legally affected. So, regardless of what an international online pharmacy claims your legal risk is, understand that you may be held solely accountable for buying illegal drugs if you attempt to purchase phentermine without a prescription.

The second serious danger involves your health. One, even authentic phentermine can be very dangerous to your health; that’s why you should have your doctor oversee your treatment. Two, a pharmacy that doesn't care if you break the law, and is outside of the jurisdiction of your country’s legal system has no motivation whatsoever to provide you with authentic phentermine. You may get sugar pills, or you may get something even more dangerous than phentermine. How would you know?

How Do I Get a Prescription to Buy Phentermine

Prescriptions to buy phentermine are not difficult to obtain for those who need them. Doctors are very willing to prescribe phentermine, for patients who need it, and who can safely take it.

If your doctor considers phentermine to be ill-suited for you, consider getting a legal weight-loss pharmaceutical supplement instead. Phentermine isn't magic, it’s an appetite suppressant. A quality supplement, like PhenObestin, which strongly resembles phentermine, might be a safer option.