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Where to Buy Phentermine

Q Where to buy Phentermine?

A Because phentermine is a prescription drug, you can only buy it at licensed pharmacies. And of course, to purchase it, you’ll need a valid doctor's prescription. If you search online, you'll find claims that you can buy it without a prescription, but doing so is illegal. Phentermine is only intended for certain patients to take, while their doctor carefully monitors their well-being. It can also only be prescribed for a limited period of time because it has the potential to become addictive, or to cause health problems.

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How to get Phentermine Prescribed?

Phentermine prescriptions come from licensed medical doctors and, where legal, nurse practitioners may also prescribe phentermine. In order to get a prescription, your doctor will evaluate you for several different health risks. Also, phentermine is generally only prescribed to those who are significantly overweight, have not been successful with other means of dieting, and who need to lose weight quickly.

Your doctor will also explain to you how phentermine works—it's an appetite suppressant—and discuss with you the need to begin changing your diet and exercise habits while taking phentermine. If you don't, you'll regain the weight you lost while taking it. Some people even gain more, and wind up weighing more than they did before taking phentermine. So there are a number of important things to consider before committing to a course of treatment involving phentermine—not just figuring out where to buy phentermine.

Where can I Get Real Phentermine Without a Prescription?

You can't get real phentermine, legally, without a prescription. Having said that, you will certainly find plenty of websites claiming to sell phentermine without a prescription. When you're considering where to buy phentermine, however, you should only be considering buying from places—like legitimate pharmacies—which do require prescriptions.

It may be inconvenient to get a prescription—but wouldn't it be far more inconvenient to go to prison for five years? Or to be fined $250,000? Those are some of the legal consequences you might face if you choose to purchase phentermine online without a prescription. Could it really be worth that?

Where to Buy Phentermine Online—Cheapest Websites?

No matter how inexpensive a website sells what it claims is real phentermine; you shouldn't purchase it online without a prescription. Even if you don't care about the legal ramifications of buying something illegal, you shouldn't be trying to figure out where to buy phentermine without a prescription. The pharmacies which sell it illegally might not send real phentermine. They could send something useless, or something far more dangerous. They may send nothing at all. You're even putting yourself at risk for credit card or identity theft. When you purchase something illegally, you have no way to enforce your purchase from them. You can't report it to the police, or even your credit card company.

You're better off choosing a legal supplement containing pharmaceutical grade ingredients like phenylethylamine. It works similarly to phentermine, but it doesn't require a prescription. One such supplement is called PhenObestin, which also has a special blend of other ingredients which also support losing weight in a healthy way.